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Vetle Hardanger

Vetle Hardanger is our own orchard where we grow fruits and berries for the restaurant and shop. This is truly a relaxing and enjoyable place to stay for a while. Groups are welcome for a guided tour to explore local scents and tastes.

Vetle Hardanger is open for groups which have pre booked a tour. Our gardener and chef will guide you through the park's different produce. Quite often a tour ends in a small but nice meal outdoors if the weather is good, or inside the restaurant if not. Please contact us for more information and prices.
The annual cycle in Vetle Hardanger
In Vetle Hardanger there is constantly something going on. January and February are the months for pruning. In Mach and April we sow seeds to grow flowers, herbs and vegetables. We prepare tha park for the coming spring. May with its magnificent and beatiful blossom of the fruit treesis is teeming with life. Bumblebees and birds have their busiest time now. In summer we pick the berries to make the most delicious jellies, jams, juices and syrups. When autumn comes we start harvesting the fruit, apples, pears and plums. After the harvest it's time to tidy up the garden and prepare it for the winter.