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Wether you are a trained road cyclist or more fond of a romantic and low speed trip on silent roads you will find several suitable options for your own skills and moods for the day. All of our routes are well maped and have been thoroughly tested of our bike guide. Groups can hire our bike guide both as guide on the road but also for a course in sportive nourishment and training philosophy. 

The tours are all graded according to national standards. They all come with a description and map as well. For your own safety and comfort we offer different levels of facilitation and guiding. Many of the bike groups visiting choose to combine the tour with a small but exquisite lunch prepared by your host for the tour. As our guests you might rent bikes from us. You can choose between our hybrids or electric bicycles.  If you are a trained road cyclist and would like a more challanging tour duriing you stay our own semi professional cyclist can be hired as guide and training partner for you or the group. In such cases you have to bring with you your own road bike. For groups of trained bicyclists we are proud to say that we hold the competence to discuss your training program with you and most likely give you an expert's advice or two. 
All of our bicycle packages have in common that they might include a gourmet dinner in the restaurant in the evening. Perhaps with a causerie of the evening's menue's wines as a starter?