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There is a lot of red deer in Fusa and you might very well run into theese magnificent creaures on your daily routine. On bright days in the autumn preferably with some strong winds the chances to spot them in the hills are at the best. 

At Eikhaugen GJestegard we have our own sertified hunting guide. who you might join for a hunting experience. This is however only possible during hunting season in autumn and presupposes booking  for this activity at least four weeks before your arrival. Unfortunately the possibilities to hunt large game for your self is quite restricted, but we can assist you regarding hunting for smaller game like forrest living birds.
Our hunting guide can work together with you both regarding the planning and during the hunt itself.
For hunting it requires at least one week stay as our guests due to the necessity of getting to know the borders of the hunting grounds. As our guest you decide your self to which degree you would like us to prepare your meals. More details will be provided on request .