The farm shop

Our quite unique farm shop is really a visit worth while. Filled with the most delicious scents from fresh bakery, the countless numbers of jars with intriguing colors and tastes of berries and fruits. For more than ten years we have made tasteful food on delicate jars and glasses, all made from local produce from the orchard, the forrests or the mountains. We also have a selection of products from other local farmers, such as cheese and meat products.

Our food souvenirs are popular as gifts or as happy memories for  use in  your own kitchen. We have jams, limonades, herbs, syrups, oils and vinegears, fresh or preserved fruits and berries. In our opening hours we offer a variety of home made bread and off course our famous cinnemon rolls, which are said to be "larger than garage doors". A visit to our farm shop will most certaintlygive you the sensation of "earlier times", authentic tastes and authentic joy!  

Opening hours

June: 2th, 9th, 16th and 30th.
July: every Saturday and Sunday
August: 4th and 11th.
Saturday 10 AM -2 PM, Sunday 12PM-2PM.


In the farm shop we have about 35 different products made from produces grown on the farm or in the nature near by. Underneath you will find a selection of what you will find in the shop along with a short tip regarding application. We are proud to inform you that several of our products also are to be found in the shop at Fløyen in Bergen.
Dandelion syrup

Localy hand picked flowers assuring the best quality. A sweet syrup with a distinct floral touch. Suitable for pastries, chocolate cakes and desserts with ice cream. We recomend trying it together with red deer burgers and baked salmon filets as well and nor to forget blue cheese.

Cranberry jelly

A beautiful taste from cranberries and locally grown aples. Suitable along meat dishes such as a steak and meatballs. Delicious to most kind of cheese.

eple- og aquavitgele
Aple & aquavit jelly

A tasteful jelly ideal for most types of cheese but also a perfect combination with bird dishes and pork filet.

eple- og portvinsgele
Aple & port jelly

The intense sweetnes from the port along with the freshness from local apples makes a wonderful match for aged cheese. This jelly is also a superb combination with steak.

Red wine jelly

A delicious supplement to cheese dishes. Not as sweet as the port jelly which makes this jelly a better match to milder cheeses. This is also a truly match for baked loins of cod.

Rosemary jelly

The aromas of fresh rosmary grown and picked in Vetle Hardanger combines with locally grown apples makes this mild but tasty jelly one of the most preferred ones alongside dishes of lamb.


A sweet dip/marmelade with a nice aromatic touch from chili. Perfect for barbequed dishes and of course cheese.

Rubarb chutney

This chutney is sweet but at the same time with a pleasant sour touch to it. Perfect to most white cheeses preferably aged for some time. A recommendable flavour enhancer for grilled food as well for a variety of tapas.

Plum chutney

This chutney is fruity and sweet. Perfect for cheese as Brie and Camembert but try it out together with smoked ham, spicy chicken and barbeque.

sylta gresskar
Pickled pumpkin

Pickled pumpkin is a truly treat to a wide specrum of dishes and produce (steak, game, baked loins of cod or monkfish. We have chosen to give it a considerable touch of ginger.

20140420 112150
Currant jelly

The indescribable taste of summer is hidden within theese beautiful berries. We pick the berries from the bushes in Vetle Hardanger. The jelly matches all meat dishes perfectly.

20140420 112150

Summer and autumn gold on a glass! Just as delicious on a pice of bread as a dessert served with wipped cream and crumbs of rusk. 

20140420 112150
Vinegar of forrest berries

An amazing vinegar, fresh, fruity and with a sweetnes to it. A classic to salads  but also magnificent as a flavour enhancer in sauces.

20140420 112150
Lemon & lime marmelade

This marmelade is made in a british tradition with a delicate ballance between sweetness and bitterness. Strongly recomended at every breakfast.